Solo Exhibitions:
La Jolla, California, Quint Contemporary Art, A Rich Fantasy Life, April 7-May 12 

Madrid, Galeria Moriarty, November 24-January 8, 2007 
Amsterdam, Vous Etes Icii, October 14-November 11 
Milan, Paolo Curti/Annamaria Gambuzzi and Co., Never Odd Or Even, September 22-November 3 
East Hampton, New York, Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, Gas, Grass, or Ass (Nobody Rides for Free), May 27-July 3 
Beverly, Massachusetts, Montserrat College, Ryan McGinness: Mildly Subversive, February 24 - April 5 

New York, Danziger Projects, Ryan McGinness: New Paintings, October 21-November 26 
New York, Deitch Projects, Ryan McGinness: Installationview, October 14-November 5 
Cincinnati, Publico, Ryan McGinness: Wall Paintings, September 23-October 29 
Knokke-Zoute, Belgium, Andre Simoens Gallery, Ryan McGinness: The Burden of Keeping it Real, August 6-September 12 
La Jolla, Quint Contemporary, Ryan McGinness: Pain-Free Kittens, April 9-May 14 

Paris, Galerie du Jour, Ryan McGinness: Multiverse, December 11-January 29, 2005 
New York, Printed Matter, Ryan McGinness: Bucky Balls, October 9-30 
Madrid, Galeria Moriarty, Ryan McGinness: Living Signs, May 12-July 10 

Philadelphia, 222 Gallery, Ryan McGinness: Project Rainbow, October 10-November 28 
New York, Deitch Projects, Ryan McGinness: Worlds within Worlds, October 4-November 1 
Los Angeles, Black Market Gallery, Ryan McGinness: Sponsorship, February 7-March 21 

Tokyo, Gas Gallery, Ryan McGinness: This Dream Is So Life-Like, December 18-January 21 
New York, Printed Matter, Ryan McGinness: Products Are The New Art, November 22-December 31 
New York, Deitch Projects, Ryan McGinness: Dream Garden, (with Julia Chiang), June 29-July 27 
Vancouver, Twentyfour, Ryan McGinness: Fancy Is a Verb, February 15-April 30 
New York, Stux Gallery Project Room, Ryan McGinness: Sign Language, January 12-February 9 

Tokyo, Parco Gallery, Ryan McGinness: Evolution Is the Theory of Everything, November 30-December 22 
Munich, Galerie de Miguel, Ryan McGinness: Sign Age, September 14-October 20 
Paris, Colette, Ryan McGinness: Pieceofmind, July 2-August 4 
Brooklyn, New York, Joseph Silvestro Gallery, Ryan McGinness: Vocabularytest, May 5-June 3 

Seattle, Houston Gallery, Ryan McGinness: Shtick, December 9-January 31, 2001 
New York, Alife, Ryan McGinness: Luxurygood, October 1-Novermber 15 

New York, Zakka, Ryan McGinness: Flatnessisgod, September 10-October 5 

New York, Chaos, Ryan McGinness: Networking Is a Skill, April 14-May 10 

New York, Manhattan Athletic Club, Ryan McGinness: No Sweat, May 1-July 31 

New York, a+a Company, Ryan McGinness: Clever Title Goes Here, November 15-January 15, 1997 
New York, Mad River Post, Ryan McGinness: Slow Children Playing, October 15-December 31 (curated by Gil Presti)

Group Exhibitions:
Cincinnati, Contemporary Art Center, Graphic Content, December 7 - February 11, 2007 
Greensboro, North Carollina, Weatherspoon Art Museum, Art on Paper 2006, November 12-January 21, 2007 (curated by Xandra Eden) 
Brooklyn, New York, Public Art Fund, MetroTech, The World Is Round, October 27-September 9, 2007 
London, The Saatchi Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, USA Today, October 6-November 4 
Gateshead, England, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, Spank the Monkey, September 27-January 7, 2007 (curated by Peter Doroshenko & Pedro Alonzo) 
Amsterdam, Vous Etes Ici, Amsterdam, H.O.L.L.A.N.D., June 10-July 8 
New York, The Museum of Modern Art,, Since 2000: Printmaking Now, May 3-September 18 
New York, Deitch Projects, The Garden Party, March 9-April 29 
Indianapolis, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Will Boys Be Boys? Questioning Adolescent Masculinity in Contemporary Art, 22 October 2006 - 14 January 2007 
Ithaca, New York, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, Will Boys Be Boys? Questioning Adolescent Masculinity in Contemporary Art, 05 November 2005 - 08 January 2006 

Ithaca, New York, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, Will Boys Be Boys? Questioning Adolescent Masculinity in Contemporary Art, 05 November 2005 - 08 January 2006 
London, Max Wigram Gallery, London, Threshold, July 7-September 3 
New York, P.S.1 / Museum of Modern Art, Greater New York 2005, March 13-September 22 
Baltimore, Contemporary Museum, Beautiful Losers, June 25-September 25 
Newport Beach, Orange County Museum of Art, Beautiful Losers, February 6-May 15 
Denver, Museum of Contemporary Art, Will Boys Be Boys? Questioning Adolescent Masculinity in Contemporary Art, February 18-April 17 

New York, Creative Time, The Dreamland Artist Club, Coney Island, June 12-September 6 
San Francisco, Yerba Buena Arts Center, Beautiful Losers, July 17-October 3 
Cincinnati, Contemporary Arts Center, Beautiful Losers, March 13-May 23 
Toulouse, France, Les Abattoirs Museum, La Collection d’Art Contemporain d’Agnès B., April 9-June 13 
Boston, Massachusetts College of Art, Sandra and David Bakalar Gallery, Earthly Delights, January 28-March 17 

New York, Buia Gallery, Airtight Plan for Killing, October 17-November 29 
Paris, Galerie du Jour, Paris, A New New York Scene, September 18-October 24 
Los Angeles, New Image Art, Lead Poisoning, June 21-August 16 (curated by Rich Jacobs & Marsea Goldberg) 
Tokyo, Mori Art Museum, North Star Video Screening, August 

Tokyo, Gallery Rocket, SK8 on The Wall, December 20-January 8 
New York, Deitch Projects, Session The Bowl, December 14-February 1 
London, A-Part Gallery, Street Wise, July 25-August 11 
La Jolla, Quint Contemporary Art, Group Show, January 11-February 16 

Oviedo, Spain, Galeria Dasto and Centro de Arte Dasto, Grandes Arquitecturas Pequenas, September (curated by Fernando Martin Galan) 
New York, Exit Art, Spunky, September 8-October 27 
New York, Ground Zero, Group Show, August 16-31(curated by Jodi Hanel and Jenny Moore) 

New York, White Box, Critic as Grist, September 7-October 17 (curated by Michael Portnoy) 
New York, Rare, Tomorrow, June 22-July 29 (curated by André?a Salerno and Mari Spirito) 
London, Babylon, Le Salon for Art Collectors, June (curated by Vanessa Suchar) 
New York, Steffany Martz, Group Show, May 25-July 1 
Stamford, Connecticut, Whitney Museum of American Art at Champion, Interior Spaces in Contemporary Art, May 25-August 23 

Brooklyn, New York, Gale Gates, Size Matters, September 15-December 11 
New York, Rare, Photo Synthesis, June 26-July 31 
New York, DFN Gallery, Road Show, June 3-August 20 
New York, Sixth@Prince Fine Art, Room with a View, May 9-July 10 (curated by Jeff Gleich) 
Los Angeles, Patricia Correia Gallery, LA National Juried Art Exhibition, January 9-23 (curated by Mat Gleason) 

New York, Archibold Arts, Fresh Blood: 13 Young Artists, October 16-December 30 
London, Vanessa Suchar, Le Salon for Art Collectors, October 1-31 

New York, Steffany Martz, Summer Invitational, July-August 
New York, Mary Anthony, Wet Paint, May 28-June 30 
New York, a+a Company, Group Show, February 14-March 1 

New York, Printed Matter, Giftland v: Democra$y, December 4-31 
New York, Artists Space, Night of 1,000 Drawings, December

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