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John Tremblay

(American, b.1966)

John Tremblay is an artist intensely concerned with the notion of space, shape and forms – be it in his paintings or his print editions. Although the Op Art movement of the 1960s and 70s is a visible reference of Tremblay’s, the artist is also interested in bringing the history of modern abstraction into dialogue with more recent developments in contemporary culture. His paintings, while firmly inscribed in the Pop Art/Op Art tradition, also often allude to graphic design (recalling advertising logos), as well as to urban planning, film and other aspects of contemporary consumer culture. This hybridization of the high and the low, of art and non-art often comes through in Tremblay’s titles: Coca-Cola Sunrise, Rock Crystal Antlers, Drop City.  Taken as a whole, his works contribute to a redefinition of abstract painting in contemporary terms.