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Liz Cohen

(American, b.1973)

Untitled (Instant Photograph: Self-Portrait with Firefighters)

Edition of 20
Signed and numbered on the reverse

4 x 5 inches (10.2 x 12.7 cm)


Liz Cohen is an American performance artist currently specializing in an installation art project called Bodywork. This is a long-term exploration of the conversion vehicle/lowrider culture, as well as the experience of a woman as a custom car model. Cohen is taking an East German compact car called a Trabant and modifying it so that it will be able to convert by means of hydraulic or pneumatic mechanisms into a Chevy El Camino — a Trabantimino. Simultaneously, Cohen is trying to “convert” her own physical body into one worthy of a car-show bikini model.



This work is in fine condition and is unframed.
8/27/13 – An update on Liz Cohen’s “Trabantimino” can be found here: