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Nicky Hoberman

(South African, b.1967)

Fizz Whizz

Indelible, light fast ink on acid free mylar
Signed and dated by the artist
84 ½ x 43 ¼ inches (214.5 cm x 110 cm)


Executed in 2016-17, this work is unique.


Acquired directly from the artist


According to Nicky Hoberman:

The series of works of which Fizz Whizz belongs explores the concept of disguise both as a means of hiding (or avoiding communication and relating) and an expression of dual personality.  My protagonists are hidden behind masks, face paint and veils or camouflaged by theatrical costumes.  Much is withheld, as the viewer only partially glimpses my protagonists, who tease, evading real revelation, thus underlining a sense of dislocation and exclusion.  There is always something of a tension between wanting to be seen and blending in, and I suppose this is one of the anxieties of childhood.  On a personal level I always longed for the cloak of invisibility.  Of course, the inner world of the child is often a very savage place, full of terrors and sublime places too, hidden behind the mask of innocence.  In that way you don’t need the disguise; childhood does it. There is something impenetrable in a young face.

Please note the price of this work is for the unframed drawing.  The work framed is $14,500.