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(Belgian, b.1928)

Bread Crumb Figure

Cast silver

(height: 4.5 cm)

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Executed circa 1969, this work is unique.

Beginning in the late 1960s and ending in about the mid 1970s, Reinhoud (D’Haese) created what have come to be known as Bread Crumb Figures out of just that – bread crumbs. The artist, with his very large hands, would take bits and pieces of bread, most of the time sitting around the dinner table after a meal, and would create these wonderful and humourous creatures, many which were cast in silver. Some of the “larger” bread crumb figures, when shaken, reveal the traces of their origin, as sounds of bits of petrified bread can be heard rattleing around.

Reinhoud was one of only a few true sculptors who were members of The Cobra group. Although many of his bread crumb figures are quite small, Reinhoud considers them serious sculptures and despite the number of bread crumb figure sculptures the artist has made, these works still remain quite rare.



The Artist 

Galerie Birch, Copenhagen 

Private Collection, Copenhagen 

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