World House Editions at the Editions|Artists’s Book Fair

30 October 20082 November 2008

Donald Taglialatella is pleased to announce that World House Editions will participate at the 2008 Editions|Artists’ Books Fair.  This marks the second year in a row and second time for World House Editions.  The fair will take place at The Tunnel, 269 Eleventh Avenue (between 27th and 28th Streets) in New York.  It will open on Thursday, 30 October from 5 to 8pm and will run through Sunday, 02 November.  Hours can be found at

Featured this year will be Norilsk (2007, released 2008) by British photographer and sculptor Darren Almond (b.1971)  Norilsk is a portfolio of 17 photo-lithographs, all printed from stone, and is the first major graphic project by the artist.  Norilsk is the culmination of three significant photo series taken by Almond from 2005 – 2007 in Siberia: Minus 60,000 (2005); 69th Parallel (2005); and Night + Fog (2007).    This important print portfolio also includes poems by Joseph Brodsky (in English and Russian) and as well as text on the history of the Soviet gulag by Simon Ertz.  Norilsk is the first collaboration between Darren Almond and World House Editions.
American painter Brian Alfred (b.1974) will make his print debut with a 21 color silkscreen, GEcropcircle (2008).  Known for his paintings, collages and animations that examine the ways in which perception of our surroundings and culture is mediated by technology, his works present a flattened, depopulated and predominantly urban world derived from found images. His thematic concerns – including the signifiers of Modernist idealism and technological progress, conspiracy theories and the growing prevalence of surveillance in the post-9/11 world – have led him to focus on images featuring architecture, machinery, interiors,  urban and suburban landscapes, as well as text. The world as depicted by Alfred is distanced, banal – as in visually unremarkable – yet highly charged with possible meanings.  GEcropcircle examines the artists’ interest in text in landscape, more specifically the act of creating a drawing in nature as a means of protest or graffiti.  Or is it Land Art?    This is the first print by the artist and his first collaboration with World House Editions.

Swiss multi-media artist John Armleder(b.1948) will be represented by as many as four new projects – three portfolios and one single print.  All works were printed from stone.   Corolles (2008) is a single lithograph printed from three stones, whose title was taken from the first Roto-relief created by Marcel Duchamp.  Other editions by the artist include Lampe (2008) a portfolio of three lithographs printed from stone; Lanterne Chinoise, a portfolio of five lithographs printed from stone; and finally Spirale Blance (2008) a portfolio of 10 lithographs printed from stone.  Many of the works in Spirale Blanchewere created by the artist using fish – herring, squid, octopus, etc.  By placing the fish on the lithograph stones in various arrangements, the artist allowed the natural oils from the fish seep into the stone which was then prepared for printing.  The results are fantastic and intriguing abstractions. These projects mark the third collaboration between World House Editions and John Armleder dating back to 2003.

Irish painter Mark Francis (b.1962, resides in London) will be represented by nine small lithographs, Untitled#1 through and including Untitled#9, all printed from stone. These new prints continue the to draw from the artist’s never-ending fascination with nature, specifically with biological imagery, thanks primarily to the invention of the electron microscope and with it, advances in microscopic technology in general.  Many of the new prints reflect the magnified images from oscilloscopes showing the sound waves made from crickets.  These enlarged images create beautiful abstractions in line and form.  The project is the artists’ third collaboration with World House Editions since 2004.

British sculptor Antony Gormley(b.1950) will be represented by two works: Breathing Room and Clearing#1 (both 2007).  Both works were printed from stone by the artist and are from a group of 10 major prints executed by Gormley in June 2007 and released in the late fall of the same year. The 10 prints were also the first major graphic project by Gormley in nearly 16 years.   “Clearing (the sculpture) is a three-dimensional drawing in space/time that completely destroys the determination of the orthogonal coordinates of a room” (Gormley, 2007)  While Breathing Room (the sculpture) hovers between being architecture and being an image of architecture…it is a contained object in a defined internal space…it allows the viewers to become the viewed.” (Gormley,2007)   Breathing Room and Clearing#1 mark the first time the artist has developed these sculptural ideas in the print medium.  The prints are the first collaboration between Antony Gormley and World House Editions.

Finally, American painter and printmaker Ryan McGinness (b.1972) will be represented by two works: Untitled (Sketch Process) and Black Holes (monoprint) (each 2006) were both printed from stone, the first time the artist has experimented with this medium. Untitled (Sketch Process) reproduces the artists’ working methods or sketchbook drawings to an extensive degree. Created from 13 stones, it is a deceptively beautiful print that forces the viewer to change ones vantage point to catch every aspect of drawing in the work.  Black Holes (monoprint) is very typical of the vast interconnected and spiraling fleurs-de-lis iconography found in the artists’ paintings of the same series.  Although a monoprint, this particular print is made even more unique by the addition of three randomly fired bullet holes from a .22 caliber rifle.  The prints by Ryan McGinness are from a major body of work published by World House Editions in the fall of 2006 and that project was the artists’ first collaboration with World House Editions.