Brian Alfred | New Edition

Donald Taglialatella is pleased to announce the second collaboration between World House Editions and the American painter, collagist and video artist Brian Alfred (b.1974).

For this new edition, to be released in October 2012, Brian collaborated with James Lang at Horwinski Printing in Oakland, California, in September 2012 to create his second graphic work in the form of a hand-printed Letterpress print.  An extremely captivating image that at first glance appears totally abstract, yet after another moment when the eyes adjust it becomes evident that we are looking at the backside of bleachers. 

The artist has said of his newest work:

“Recently I have become very interested in auto racing (specifically Formula One) not only in the action, speed, beauty and danger that surrounds it, but also aesthetically as well.  Bleachers is an image in a group of new work which plays with the abstraction of elements in the scenes of these races. Whether it’s zooming in on tracks, simplifying stadium bleachers into a play between positive and negative space, or focusing in on some parts of the race which are often blurred, obscured or passed over, I am interested in these images becoming a vehicle to describe abstraction, reality and the intensity of the moment.  There is an inherent beauty, grace and anticipation of the dramatic or catastrophic which creates an electric environment and that has always been something I have been interested in my work.”

In October, 2012, Brian Alfred will recreate Bleachers in New York City on the facade of the East Houston Street location of the high-end retail clothier, Rag & Bone