Mitchell Squire | New Edition | 2013

Donald Taglialatella is pleased to announce the first collaboration between World House Editions and Iowa-based multi-media artist, Mitchell Squire (American, b.1958).

For this new edition, a lithograph, Mitchell Squire collaborated with Maurice Sanchez at Derriere L’Ètoile Studio in New York to create his ever first print between June and October of 2013.  An extremely captivating image that at first glance appears totally abstract, yet after close inspection it is evident that the work is actually quite representational.

The artist has said of his newest work, which is part of his Gladiators series:

Gladiators is an extension of my project that utilizes spent law enforcement artillery targets shot through by practicing officers. While that project capitalizes on the grotesque afterimage caused by successive rounds and accumulative layers—an exaggerated condition that is only perceivable when the gang of actual targets is presented in reverse—the gladiator print is a way to examine the affective qualities of that imagery by more direct means. A miniature version of the life-sized silhouette is now the resulting mark of a repeated action; an action that allows me a more visceral grasp of the meaning of exaggeration and its relationship to law enforcement. For it proves impossible to make identical marks and more likely to cause obliteration and blot out.”

Gladiators by Mitchell Squire will be featured at the World House Editions stand at the IFPDA’s 2013 edition of the Print Fair, from 06 – 10 November in New York.