Caetano de Almeida | New Hardcover Monograph

Caetano de Almeida: O Delicioso Jardin do Vinzinho (The Neighbor’s Delicous Garden)

Text by Paulo Herkenhoff

O delicioso jardim do vizinho is the first artist monograph of the São Paulo-based
artist Caetano de Almeida. With over 200 works and a comprehensive essay by critic
and curator Paulo Herkenhoff, the book presents the artist’s trajectory — nearly three
decades of artistic production marked by the variety of themes and techniques, as well
as the appropriation and reassembly of classic images. Divided into chapters that
compose a portrait of the artist’s work, the book is organized from Herkenhoff’s point
of view, as his dense collection of texts guides the dynamics of this artist monograph.
The book thus permeates the very distinct — and disparate – phases of the painter’s
trajectory, such as that of the exhibit Bestiário (1992), with works in different medias
and styles centered in animals; the series Lusco Fusco (1993), in which the artist
investigates differences in light when in adverse perception conditions; and the series
Ares, initiated in 2005, in which the painter uses the pollution from São Paulo,
obtained in an atelier located in a first floor apartment, right at the heavy traffic of the
Minhocão overpass, as pigment for his paintings.

Hardcover, 256 pages, profusely illustrated, mostly in color, text in English and Portuguese.  A beautifully designed and produced book on this extremely important Brazilian abstract painter.

Published and available by
Editora Cobogó
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