Sylvie Fleury in “Collectionneurs” | Kunstmuseum Luzern |

27 February 201627 November 2016

Stefan Zweig, himself a passionate collector, said that ‘collectors are happy people’. But is that really true? Are collectors not also a bit driven? Is their most important piece not the very one that is missing from their collection?

Be that as it may, the Kunstmusuem Luzern is absolutely delighted about the extensive donation made by a Genevan collector couple who has specialised in Swiss art since 1960, with a particular emphasis on artists from the Romandy, such as John Armleder, Philippe Decrauzat, Sylvie Fleury, Alain Huck and Carmen Perrin. Their collection also includes many other important Swiss artists who are also represented in the collection of the Kunstmuseum Luzern, for example, Miriam Cahn, Helmut Federle, Urs Lüthi, Markus Raetz, Albrecht Schnider, Andre Thomkins, Aldo Walker or Rolf Winnewisser. In this presentation works from the private collection and those from the collection of the Kunstmuseum Luzern will enter into a rich and varied dialogue. Given the parallels and differences, the exhibition raises issues to do with public and private collecting.

Artists: John M Armleder, Max Bill, Samuel Buri, Miriam Cahn, Martin Disler, Helmut Federle, Franz Fedier, Fritz Glarner, Stefan Gritsch, Lenz Klotz, Alois Lichtsteiner, Verena Loewensberg, Urs Lüthi, Ernst Maass, Max von Moos, Josef Felix Müller, Willy Müller-Brittnau, Markus Raetz, Dieter Roth, Albrecht Schnider, Ben Vautier, Aldo Walker, Annelies Strba, Stéphane Dafflon, Sylvie Fleury, Philippe Decrauzat, Walter Grab, Michel Grillet, Alain Huck, Carmen Perrin, Maurice Robert.

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